Hand sanitizing & washing stations at hotel entrances. Luggage is sanitized and checked. Temperature check before entering the hotel area.

Check In

Space barrier for social distancing. Key card is disinfected before given. Face mask, hand sanitizer, hand extension, and individual wrapped pen are provided for each individual guest.


Social & Physical Distancing

Signage to remind social distancing. Hand Extension for touching the commonly touched surfaces.

Comfort & Hygienist Bedroom

Each part of our room is cleaned with different color of microfiber cloth. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in each room. Directly after guest check out, the room is disinfected. All our rooms are accessible to fresh air and sunlight.

Hygiene Protocols

Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces and high-traffic areas. All hotel staff wear mask and hand gloves. Each process is controlled and monitored by Safety and Hygiene Manager.

Air Quality

To improve air quality, UV filter will be installed to ensure the air is free from bacteria and viruses.


In Room Dining

Room Service order from IPTV. To minimize contact, dishes will be delivered at the door step.

Dining at Our Restaurants

Digital menu and payment platform. Safety distancing. Cleaning frequently touched surfaces. Individually packed cutleries and food items at Buffet.

Meet Our Chefs

Nutritious food is prepared with high quality ingredients in accordance with hygiene and health standards